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Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is heading to Capitol Hill this week to defend the administration's funding and policy priorities for the next year, which should make for some interesting discussion given the variety of serious issues facing U.S. policymakers. The fiscal year (FY) 2013 State and Foreign Operations Budget, which includes the State Department, USAID, and support for international organizations, was released on February 13 as part of the complete budget request, though full details on many programs will not be made public until next month. As Secretary Clinton appears before the House and Senate foreign relations and appropriations committees, Freedom House would like to see a robust exploration of the administration's foreign policy goals, including its plans to support human rights and democratic development.

Freedom House welcomes Ecuador president Rafael Correa’s announcement that he will pardon three executives and one journalist from the newspaper El Universo, who were convicted for libel.

Freedom House mourns the death of a beloved member of its family, Walter Schloss. A Board member for over thirty years, many of those as Treasurer, Walter was a true and devoted champion of freedom who provided invaluable support and wise counsel to the organization during his many years of service.

We are deeply concerned by the stabbing of female Jordanian blogger Enass Musallam in Amman, Jordan on Monday, February 21 after she allegedly criticized a member of the royal family in her blog. She currently is in a stable condition. According to the Jordan Times, a man reportedly stabbed Musallam in the stomach and threatened to kill her if she did not stop blogging about political reform in Jordan.

Religion has resurged in political influence across the globe, in many instances buttressed by the very forces — globalization, democracy and technology — that were supposed to weaken its grip.
The Toronto Star
February 23, 2012
by Sue Gunawardena-Vaughn and Aaron Myers

The Pakistani government’s efforts to increase internet censorship have reached worrying heights with the release of a request for proposals to build a system capable of blocking millions of URLs, according to Freedom House.