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Charles Dunne speaks to Fox News about the current situation in Egypt.  Watch here


Charles Dunne, Director of Middle East and North Africa Programs, speaks with the Associated Press

Foreign Policy Magazine
by Sherif Mansour
Egypt's military-run government says I'm a fugitive from the law. I say it's time American taxpayers stop funding repression.


Since its foundation in 1923, the Republic of Turkey has endured three military coups against democratically elected governments, in 1960, 1971, and 1980. A fourth military intervention—in the form of an ultimatum—brought down a coalition government led by the Islamist Refah Partisi (Welfare Party) in 1997. Since 2002, however, the Adelet ve Kalkına Partisi (Justice and Development Party, or AKP) has consolidated power, offering a platform of political conservatism with an Islamic bent and neoliberal economic development that has garnered unprecedented popular support.

CBS News
Director of Middle East and North Africa Programs, Charles Dunne, speaks with CBS News about the crackdown on NGOs in Egypt.

Freedom House is deeply concerned by the indictment of photographer and activist Park Jung-geun on January 31 for violating South Korea’s National Security Law and sharing a Twitter posting from the North Korean government with his followers, in what he says was an attempt at satire.

Public Radio International
Charles Dunne speaks to Public Radio International about the current situation in Egypt.  Listen to the interview here.