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Freedom House calls on the Russian government to investigate the circumstances of Natalya Gulevich’s detention and provide her with the necessary care to return her to health.  The denial of critical medical care to Natalya Gulevich, illegally detained in pre-trial detention facilities since December 2010, renews concerns about the rule of law in Russia and that the Russian authorities are flagrantly violating their responsibility to care for people detained by the government by denying needed healthcare to detainees.

We are writing to you out of concern with ongoing developments in Bahrain. “meaningful reform and equal treatment for all Bahrainis are in Bahrain’s interest, in the region’s interest, and in ours.”
As we await the report of the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry (BICI) on November 23, we are also pleased to hear that the administration will “review the Commission’s findings carefully and assess the Government of Bahrain’s efforts to implement the recommendations and make needed reforms.”

It is a core belief of Freedom House that American foreign policy should be grounded on support for democratic values and the global expansion of freedom. Practically every aspirant to the American presidency would agree that the United States should remain the world’s beacon of democracy. But especially in an era of rival claims for global leadership and calls for fiscal austerity, the development of a U.S. strategy to propel freedom forward poses a serious challenge. Thus far, the presidential candidates have failed to grapple with the complexities of this challenge, and the discussion has been far from illuminating, to put it mildly.

The International Partnership Group of freedom of expression organizations visited Macedonia on an evidence-gathering mission from 17-18 November 2011 and met with representatives of the government, the parliament, civil society, journalism associations and media development organizations, as well as individual journalists.

Nearly ten months since the start of the Egyptian revolution, the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) has yet to take basic steps towards establishing a human rights-respecting, democratic, civilian government.

On November 4, Freedom House released the findings from Countries at the Crossroads 2011, at a panel discussion hosted by The Atlantic Council.

Today, we mourn the death of Sergei Magnitsky, a 37-year-old Russian lawyer who died a terrible death two years ago in pretrial detention after exposing a multimillion-dollar fraud against Russian