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In his first year as U.S. president, Donald Trump has regularly praised rulers known for their antidemocratic practices.


根據自由之家今天發佈的最新版有關政治權利和公民自由的年度報告《2018 世界自由調查報告》,民主體制在全球範圍都受到攻擊和經歷退縮,而這場危機由於美國的民主水準受到侵蝕而越來越嚴重。

Freedom House released the following statement following an arson attack on the office of the human rights group Memorial in Ingushetia.

La democracia está bajo amenaza y en retroceso en todo el mundo, según Freedom in the World 2018, la última edición del informe anual sobre derechos políticos y libertades civiles.


Democracy is under assault and in retreat around the globe, a crisis that has intensified as America’s democratic standards erode at an accelerating pace, according to Freedom in the World 2018. 

A White House visit by a Central Asian ruler presents an opportunity for renewed U.S. leadership on democracy and human rights.