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The decision of a Bahrain Special Security court to uphold harsh sentences—including eight life sentences—for 21 Bahraini human rights and civil society activists, as well as its continued efforts to punish dissent, illustrates a pattern of repression that belies any promises of meaningful reform by the government, according to Freedom House.

Letter to Secretary Clinton on Uzbekistan, September 27, 2011

Freedom House condemns the decision today by a Kazakhstani appellate court to uphold the guilty verdict against Natalya Sokolova, the lawyer for the trade union of the oil company Karazhanbasmunay.

A Saudi woman found guilty of defying a driving ban in July 2011 will face a brutal punishment of 10 lashings. She did not want to be identified publicly to protect her safety and said will appeal the sentence, according to the Women2Drive campaign. A number of other women have been arrested for similar reasons, including Madihah Al-Agroosh on September 27, and Najla al-Hariri on September 25—the same day King Abdullah announced that women will be given voting rights. Hariri will face trial after being questioned for her role in instigating driving campaigns.