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The wave of arrests and ongoing intimidation of activists by the Malaysian government in advance of a July 9 rally for clean and fair elections is a blatant attempt by authorities to prevent citizens from exercising their right to peaceful public assembly and free expression and is a clear illustration of the immediate need for democratic reform in Malaysia.

Open Letter to president Barack Obama  - Catalyzing Democratic Change in Belarus - June 28, 2011



Freedom House is writing to express our outrage at the targeting of activists, doctors and journalists and their families. We are deeply concerned by the reports of torture, imprisonment and coercion they have faced over the past few months and urge your government to immediately halt attacks on individuals and investigate quickly allegations of torture.


A letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton expressing concern with Hungary's religion law. 

With Bahrain’s national dialogue fast approaching, Freedom House expresses its deep concern about the ongoing arrests, intimidation, and in some cases torture of political activists speaking out in favor of democracy. These incidents constitute a pattern of repression that belies any promises of reform and honest political discourse by the government or the ruling family.