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The latest from Freedom House:

Freedom House strongly condemns the ongoing crackdown on demonstrators and journalists protesting the political and economic climate in Malawi and calls upon the government to cease these attacks and to instead engage in a peaceful dialogue to address their legitimate concerns.

Freedom House condemns the harsh sentences handed down by a provisional judge in an Ecuadorian court on July 20 against three executives of independent newspaper El Universo and journalist Emilio Palacio.

Freedom House calls on U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to meet with local civil society leaders during her upcoming trip to Indonesia, and to urge the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) member state governments to respect the human rights of their citizens.

Freedom House condemns the latest bout of violence unleashed by the Syrian regime against peaceful protestors on July 15, in which 32 people were killed by security forces in Damascus and other cities, and reiterates its call for the resignation of President Assad. Freedom House also calls on the Obama Administration to meet with a range of representative Syrian opposition figures to send a firm signal to the Syrian regime that it can no longer expect to remain in power.