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The latest from Freedom House:

Freedom House condemns Kazakhstan’s decision to deport Ershidin Israil, a Uyghur schoolteacher who fled China in the summer of 2009 after ethnic riots in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region.

Freedom House today released Worst of the Worst 2011: The World’s Most Repressive Societies, its annual report identifying the world’s most flagrant human rights abusers, at a press conference during the 17th session of the UN Human Rights Council.

Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan signed into law the Freedom of Information Bill on Saturday, May 28. The law promotes transparency and accountability in government, giving citizens access to public records and government agencies seven days to produce the information requested.

A group of men attacked the Jordanian bureau of Agence-France Presse on Wednesday, June 15—storming into the office and destroying furniture. The attack came a day after protesters demanded the bureau close its doors due to “inaccurate reporting” on King Abdullah II’s visit to a southern Jordanian town.

The Mongolian Parliament passed the “Law on Information, Transparency, Right and Freedom to Access Information” on June 16, 2011. The law will go into effect on December 1, 2011.