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Letter in Response to Malaysian Government’s Crackdown on Rally and Detention of Opposition Leaders, July 15, 2011

The thousands that filled Cairo’s Tahrir Square, once again, on July 8 were not demanding the downfall of a regime. They were, instead, standing up for the promise of a revolution that they fear has gone badly wrong. They were there to demand that the country’s military rulers honor their vows to effect a transition to genuine democracy, with all that entails—not just free and fair elections, although those remain in doubt—but justice for those victimized and killed by the security forces during the revolution, legal accountability for figures of the Mubarak regime accused of serious crimes, and transparent governance by the military on the road to democracy. There is a sense in Egypt that the gains of the revolution may be slipping away, and the political process is in danger of failing.These concerns are far from unwarranted.

Since winning the February 2010 presidential election in a free and fair process, you have achieved many positive things for your country.

Freedom House today released a Russian translation of the 2011 Russia report from Nations in Transit,an annual study of democratic development in the former Communist states of Europe and Eurasia. This is the first time a translation of the full country report has been made available.

As the 12th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) launch of a massive crackdown on the Falun Gong spiritual group approaches on July 20, Freedom House remains deeply concerned about the ongoing human rights abuses committed against adherents, their families, and increasingly, their lawyers.