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Twitter against Tyrants: New Media in Authoritarian Regimes, by Daniel Calingaert

Money in politics is as serious a problem in Budapest as it is in Washington, DC.

The Tunisian government’s harassment of opposition figures and journalists during the lead-up to presidential and legislative elections on October 25 is deeply troubling, Freedom House said today.

Today's decision by the Kazakhstani appeals court to uphold human rights activist Yevgeniy Zhovtis's conviction for vehicular manslaughter is an indication of the dismal state of justice in the country, Freedom House said today. The organization called on the Kazakhstani government to re-open its investigation of the case to ensure it has been conducted with fairness and transparency.

Freedom House calls for the immediate release of Haitham Maleh, a long-term Syrian human rights activist who was detained by Syrian authorities on October 14, and urges the European Union to postpone signing a cooperation agreement with Syria until he is freed.