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The latest from Freedom House:

Ever wonder how Freedom House determines whether a country is Free, Partly Free or Not Free in Freedom in the World, the organization's annual survey of political rights and civil liberties?

Freedom House condemns the politically-motivated conviction of six Gambian journalists on sedition and criminal defamation charges and calls for their immediate release.

Freedom House urges member states of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and major trading partners - including India and China - to take immediate steps to impose targeted sanctions on Burma's military leaders.

Freedom House denounces a Kazakhstani court decision to sentence the owner and chief editor of Alma-Ata Info newspaper to three years in prison and calls for the country's appeals court to overturn his conviction and release him immediately.

The Chinese Communist Party's decision to arrest prominent attorney Xu Zhiyong represents the latest stage in its campaign to counter efforts by Chinese lawyers to build the rule of law and hold the government to account.