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Freedom House applauds the election of women to the Kuwaiti parliament for the first time and urges them to be strong advocates for the expansion of democracy and human rights as new members of the 50-person body.

Senator John McCain marked the 4th anniversary of the Andijan massacre by urging the United States to continue playing a critical role in promoting human rights in Uzbekistan and around

Freedom House urges the parliament and president of Kazakhstan to prevent the passage of a bill that would give the government almost unlimited authority to censor domestic and international websites.

An international delegation led by Freedom House Executive Director Jennifer Windsor will arrive in Cairo on Friday to meet with Egyptian officials and civil society leaders to discuss priorities for progress in political rights and civil liberties within that strategically important country.

Freedom House Advocacy Director Paula Schriefer examined Egypt's restrictions on freedom of expression and the pushback from journalists and bloggers in testimony before the Tom Lantos Congressi

The election of Hungary to the United Nations Human Rights Council is a welcome development that offers a glimmer of hope to those who still believe that the council might yet fulfill its mandate to protect and promote human rights globally.