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Freedom House will host a press conference and panel event to release its new study TODAY’S AMERICAN: How Free? at the National Press Club on May 5. Two legends in journalism—Helen Thomas and Bob Edwards—will appear as guest commentators at the event.
The Southern African Development Community is negligent in responding to Zimbabwe’s crisis and must begin urgent political intervention to stop the violence and resolve the four-week electoral standoff.
Young Serbians need better role models. It's time for a return of the Otpor generation.
Freedom House urges the SADC to use its influence to convince the Zimbabwe Election Commission to release results immediately from the March 29 presidential election.

Central Africa cannot afford another failed state - but it may get one nonetheless.

Freedom House Executive Director Jennifer Windsor.
Read Windsor's remarks here.

Freedom House Senior Program Manager Jeff Goldstein
House Foreign Affairs Committee Hearing on Central Asia; April 8, 2008