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The latest from Freedom House:

Friday's statement by the Kyrgyz Ministry of the Interior that the October 24, 2007 murder of journalist Alisher Saipov was not politically motivated raises serious questions regarding the integrity of the investigation process and sends a worrying signal to journalists in Kyrgyzstan.
A new report from Freedom House praises Sub-Saharan Africa for showing "impressive improvement" in freedom of association, a rare advance in a world that is increasingly restricting the activities of trade unions, non-governmental organizations and other sectors of civil society.
Freedom House strongly urges a Russian military court to immediately reopen the murder trial of Anna Politkovskaya to media in order to ensure greater transparency of the legal process.
Freedom House strongly urges Nicaragua's electoral officials to conduct an impartial vote recount with international observers present to resolve the country's disputed local elections. The call came in a statement distributed at a meeting of the Permanent Council of the Organization of American States on November 20.
Freedom House urges Taiwan's government to create an independent commission to thoroughly investigate clashes between police and activists protesting Chinese envoy Chen Yunlin's historic visit and recommend needed reforms.
As a controversial new chamber of the UN Human Rights Council gets underway, Freedom House and UN Watch are urging member states to turn the international spotlight toward the human rights catastrophe in the Congo.