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Спортивная политика правящего режима позволяет получить представление о том, каким является подход властей к вопросам управления и внешней политики.

The leadership in Warsaw has gone well beyond the antidemocratic playbook pioneered by Viktor Orbán’s Hungary, brazenly fracturing the rule of law and threatening European integrity.

Secession movements are sometimes justified, but statehood alone does not solve long-standing governance problems.


Freedom House’s Nations in Transit seeks proposals from scholars, researchers and think tanks based in any country for forward-looking briefs on the following themes.

A regime’s sports policy offers insights on its approach to governance and foreign affairs.


本期看點:中共「十九大」 前的言論審查、監控措施的升級、中國言論限制正擴及劍橋、義大利和加州。