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Freedom House urges President Trump to include support for fundamental freedoms on the agenda of his summit with President Xi later this week.

Populist victories in the United Kingdom and the United States have shaken the post-Cold War order and increased fears of instability in Europe and Eurasia, according to Nations in Transit 2017, the 22nd edition of Freedom House’s annual report on democracy in Central and Eastern Europe, the Balkans, and Eurasia.

Unchecked power may look like a quick way to address pressing challenges, but the results are often catastrophic in practice.

Venezuelan Constitutional Court’s has moved to usurp the National Assembly’s constitutional role. 

Freedom House issued the following statement in response to the Hungarian government’s legislation targeting Budapest’s Central European University for closure.

Freedom House issued the following statement in response to Paraguay’s President Horacio Cartes move to force Parliament to allow his re-election, in violation of the country’s Constitution.

Francišak Viačorka of the Belarusian Institute of America explains the context of the ongoing antigovernment demonstrations—and offers advice on how the international community should respond.