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A Turkish court sentences a Wall Street Journal reporter to 25 months in prison for "terrorist propaganda" and her 2015 article on conflict between the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) and the Turkish government.

In this issue: New innovations in censorship, Hong Kong campus tensions, and how Communist Party influence is undermining freedom in key democracies and the United Nations

The increasingly authoritarian government has steadily broken down press freedom over the past four years.


Uganda's Speaker of Parliament blocks efforts to repeal the Constitution's age limit for presidential candidates.

Prison officials in Tajikistan have repeatedly beaten Tajikistan's most prominent human rights lawyer Buzurmehr Yorov, according to family member reports. 

The next president could strengthen democracy in the country, or drag it back into old patterns of corruption and violence.

The Department of Homeland Security's announced plan would erode citizens’ right to anonymity and the fundamental guarantee of freedom of speech to all.