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Of all the sectors hit by the repressive backlash of autocratic regimes in the former Soviet Union, news media have suffered most.

Around the time of the Soviet Union's disintegration, a friend predicted that communism would eventually make a comeback, "only the next time without the stupidities."

Hungary's courageous freedom fighters of 1956 were honored today by Freedom House.
Freedom House is distressed by recent crackdowns by Russian authorities against activists who are drawing attention to human rights abuses in Chechnya and to the likely related murder of journalist Anna Politkovskaya.
Freedom House is proud to announce an expanded section of its website dedicated to press freedom.
While Freedom House deplores the North Korean government's detonation of a nuclear device this week, the organization calls upon the international community to address the egregious human rights abuses that are occurring daily in North Korea.
Today, prominent Russian investigative journalist Anna Politkovskaya was found dead in the entrance to her apartment building in Moscow, apparently the victim of a contract killing.