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Riots, burning cars, mass demonstrations, and a governing coalition that has admitted it lied its way into power.

Freedom House welcomes the European Parliament's decision to block the interim Turkmenistan Trade Agreement, and urges EU Institutions to further consider human rights standards in their relations with the energy rich and democracy poor countries of Central Asia.
Freedom House is proud to announce the upcoming showing of Yoduk Story, a musical about life in a North Korean prison camp, in the Washington, D.C., area and Los Angeles, CA.
Freedom House strongly urges the Committee on International Trade of the European Parliament to attach tough human rights provisions to its interim trade agreement with Turkmenistan.
Freedom House announces the launch of Gozaar, a new Persian/English online journal devoted to discussion of democracy and human rights in Iran.
Freedom House today released the subcategory scores from its Freedom in the World 2006 survey.
Freedom House sent a letter to President Bush today regarding the upcoming visit of President Nazarbaev of Kazakhstan outlining Kazakhstan's democratic shortcomings.