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The trustees and staff of Freedom House mourn the deaf of our colleague, and friend Penn Kemble. Over the course of four decades, Penn played a vital role in the struggle for freedom, both in the United States and in those parts of the world where dictatorship and repression hold sway.
The constitution voted on yesterday in Iraq may well constitute an obstacle to securing human rights and individual liberties should it be approved, Freedom House said today.
Tomorrow's referendum in Algeria on a proposed amnesty for the participants in the country's civil war will deny victims and their families the right to truth and justice, Freedom House said today.
When European leaders meet with President Vladimir Putin in London on Oct.
Freedom House deeply mourns the passing of Sandra Feldman.
North Korea's decision to abandon its nuclear weapons program is a welcome development, but it is one that must not eclipse the country's appalling human rights crisis, Freedom House said today.
The United Nations Democracy Caucus must ensure that the new UN Human Rights Council is a credible body, unlike its predecessor, the Human Rights Commission, a coalition of human rights and pro-democracy organizations declared today at the UN.