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Viktor Yushchenko, the pro-Western reformer, is the certain winner of Ukraine's presidential election, and the victory is a stunning triumph for a politician who officially had
Viktor Yushchenko - former banker, survivor of assassination attempts and leader of a nonviolent civic movement - has been elected president of Ukraine.

Despite minor electoral violations in Ukraine’s presidential election yesterday, the vote marks an important step forward in the country’s democratic progress.
This year, freedom has shown resilience in many parts of the world.
Ukraine's Orange Revolution (named for the color adopted by the country's reformist opposition), is a broad-based movement that brought millions of citizens into the streets to
The peaceful, civic response to the flawed second round of Ukraine's presidential election has been an impressive testament to the democratic determination of the Ukrainian peop
Putin's Russia Declines Amidst Further Political Restrictions and Increased Authoritarianism, Other Setbacks and Gains in Former Soviet Union, Modest Advances Registered in the Middle East