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When the European Union meets tomorrow to review its Cuba policy, it should not reward the Castro government for releasing political prisoners who were unjustly jailed, Freedom House said today.
Freedom House will commemorate International Human Rights Day by recognizing the more than two billion people throughout the world living under repressive regimes and lacking basic freedoms.
Freedom House today began a training program in media monitoring for Nigerian civil society organizations.
Freedom House has launched an independent investigation into the disappearance of a prominent political activist and former presidential candidate in Kyrgyzstan who was last seen alive November 16.
Yesterday's runoff presidential elections in Ukraine were tainted by massive voter fraud, Freedom House said today.
Activities to be held Nation-Wide with Youth and Community Leaders Saying No to Violence
"If the only tool you have is a hammer, you treat everything like a nail." In contemporary Russia, President Vladimir Putin is wielding a particularly active hammer, taking on j