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Putin's Russia Declines Amidst Further Political Restrictions and Increased Authoritarianism, Other Setbacks and Gains in Former Soviet Union, Modest Advances Registered in the Middle East
The repeat runoff election to be held December 26 in Ukraine presents a crucial opportunity for Ukrainian authorities to respect the will of voters and ensure harmony and stability in the country, Freedom House said today.
Freedom House today expressed concern about violations of press freedom and other restrictions on civil society during the recent election period in Romania.
A coalition of non-governmental organizations today sent the following letter to the ambassadors of several democratic UN member states.
On December 17, European Union leaders will decide whether to open membership negotiations with Turkey. Freedom House is pleased to provide background information on Turkey's democratic performance.
When the European Union meets tomorrow to review its Cuba policy, it should not reward the Castro government for releasing political prisoners who were unjustly jailed, Freedom House said today.
Freedom House will commemorate International Human Rights Day by recognizing the more than two billion people throughout the world living under repressive regimes and lacking basic freedoms.