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Yesterday's runoff presidential elections in Ukraine were tainted by massive voter fraud, Freedom House said today.
Activities to be held Nation-Wide with Youth and Community Leaders Saying No to Violence
"If the only tool you have is a hammer, you treat everything like a nail." In contemporary Russia, President Vladimir Putin is wielding a particularly active hammer, taking on j
Freedom House joins the call by European Monitoring Network (ENEMO) for Civic Activists, Parliament, Media, and Election Officials to actively ensure an end to intimidation and media bias in Round Two of Ukraine's Presidential Elections
Progress for women in Egypt remains impeded by large gaps in basic public knowledge, according to a new Freedom House study released today.
Freedom House has expressed concern over Ukraine's deportation of an election trainer on Tuesday.
Freedom House today criticized President Alexander Lukashenka of Belarus over recent statements by him suggesting officials violate democratic standards in the legislative election and presidential referendum scheduled for October 17. The referendum seeks to remove constitutional term limits for Lukashenka, paving the way for indefinite rule.