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The Arab League wound up its lackadaisical weekend summit with several stunning displays of hypocrisy.
The United States should not rush to reward the government of Sudan for signing a peace agreement with southern rebels while it is still pursuing a policy of ethnic cleansing in the country's west, Freedom House said today.
New Freedom House Study Reveals Growing Democracy Gap in Europe, Russia Displays Further Setbacks
Freedom House today expressed deep concern over evidence of growing threats to press freedom in Hong Kong.
Members of the Board of Trustees of Freedom House sent a letter to President Bush today urging him to take action to make "immediate systemic changes" to prevent any future abuse of detainees under U.S. authority.
The United States faces a fundamental foreign policy dilemma: How do we fight against terrorism without further entrenching dictators and anti-democratic governments?
The continuing infringement on media freedom in Central Asia is one of the major human rights abuses plaguing the region, Freedom House said today.