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Leaders at the Special Summit in Monterrey, Mexico should focus significant attention on the emerging and troubling trends in democracy in the region, Freedom House said today.
The government of Nigeria should adopt a proposed Freedom of Information Bill (FOI) in order to promote government accountability, transparency, and citizen participation in the democratic processes, Freedom House said today.
In the midst of global terrorism and international efforts to fight it, freedom and democracy continued to make overall progress worldwide in 2003, according to a major annual survey released today by Freedom House.
American reactions to the recent bombing of a foreign workers' compound in Riyadh reveal multiple misreadings of the Arab world and--more dangerously--of both al Qaeda and the S
Freedom House today marks International Human Rights Day by recognizing human rights defenders for their courageous work throughout the world.
In the space of a few weeks in October, Vladimir Putin's Russia sent decisive signals to its population, to its neighbors, and to the world that the country is doing business in