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In a recent speech to the Iraqi people on the occasion of the Day of the Army, Saddam Hussein invoked the name of "Allah" 41 times and used the word "faith" 19.
The United Nations should vote against Libya's candidacy for chairmanship of the upcoming session of the Commission on Human Rights, Freedom House said today.
Citizens need more time to assess constitutional reforms that could curtail freedoms
Our confidence in the judgments and objectivity of the United Nations is set to be shaken yet again. Today, Libya is certain to be elected to the chairmanship of the U.N.
James Woolsey named as Chairman of Freedom House, Nonpartisan Organization Monitors and Promotes Democratic Change
The government of Hong Kong must abide by international norms as it proposes new legislation that, as currently outlined, profoundly threatens freedom of expression and other basic rights, Freedom House said today in a new report.
Study documents dramatic expansion of democracy over thirty years