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From No Countries with Universal Suffrage in 1900 to 119 Countries on the Eve of 2000, Democracy is Predominant Form of Government Around the World
The first World Forum on Democracy, sponsored by Freedom House and Poland's Stefan Batory Foundation, will be held June 25-27, 2000 in Warsaw.

The degree of press freedom in the world declined in 1998, according to a survey of the news media issued today by Freedom House.

Freedom House, a leading advocate for democracy and freedom around the world, urged the United Nations to conduct a special investigation of human rights abuses in Cuba.

Human Rights Group the Target of Slander Campaign

Freedom House reports largest ever number of free countries, highest proportion of world's population living in freedom

A major new assessment of the state of political rights and civil liberties finds that a majority of United Nations member states suffer from a weak rule of law and from significant violations of civil liberties and political freedoms.