The latest from Freedom House:

The government of Ethiopia announced that it will release all political prisoners and close the notorious Central Crime Investigation Center.

The world’s democracies should together call on Iranian authorities to respect the rights of the country’s citizens, including their rights to assemble and express themselves peacefully.

The Trump administration decided to impose financial and travel sanctions on more than a dozen individuals responsible for serious human rights abuses and corruption – sanctions that were created by the Global Magnitsky Act passed by Congress in 2016.

In response to the Supreme Court of Kyrgyzstan upholding a lower-level court decision to fine the founders of the independent outlet the equivalent of about $387,000 because of alleged libel against the country’s former president, Freedom House issued a statement.

The Rwandan authorities’ prevented the editor of the online news outlet Great Lakes Voice, Bob Mugabe, from leaving the country to participate in the 2017 Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in Geneva, a key United Nations gathering on internet-related issues.

本期看点:西方过节之时 中国打压之机,网民抗议驱逐“低端人口”和虐童丑闻,川普总统访华,澳大利亚出版商遭遇言论审查压力,加纳漫画家的抗争,歌星凯蒂·派瑞被拒签

本期看點:西方過節之時 中國打壓之機,網民抗議驅逐「低端人口」和虐童醜聞,川普總統訪華,澳大利亞出版商遭遇言論審查壓力,迦納漫畫家的抗爭,歌星凱蒂·派瑞被拒簽