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Democracy and the rule of law are making slow and uneven progress in the Balkans, according to a new Freedom House report issued Friday at an international conference in Belgrade, Serbia.
Authorities in Kyrgyzstan continue to engage in serious human rights abuses, the latest violation occurring yesterday against eighteen peaceful demonstrators, Freedom House said today.
The beating by Cuban officials of a member of a nongovernmental organization at the United Nations in Geneva should be considered a criminal act for which the Cuban government must be censured, Freedom House said today.
U.S. Secretary of State Colin L. Powell addressed Freedom House staff and other guests at a State Department reception March 11, following a Freedom House conference on the world's most repressive societies.
A Freedom House study released today finds that pervasive corruption and weak judicial systems are major impediments to the development of democracy in transitional societies.
Some of the world's greatest human rights violators sit on UN Human Rights Commission
Under Saddam Hussein, Iraq was the "Republic of Fear," to borrow the title of the seminal human-rights critique by Iraqi dissident and intellectual Kanan Makiya.
On the surface, the ouster of Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide appears sadly familiar: an elected leader driven from power in a de facto coup, and a terribly poor countr
Tomorrow, March 18, 2004, marks the one-year anniversary of the Cuban government's crackdown on peaceful democracy advocates.
The first ever meeting yesterday between representatives of Uzbekistan's government and members of civil society to discuss human rights abuses is a welcome development, Freedom House said today. The government should continue engaging human rights defenders, the organization said.


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