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The upcoming Thessaloniki summit offers an opportunity for the EU to demonstrate strategic vision for the Balkans, but is Brussels up to the challenge?
Officials in Kyrgyzstan are systematically threatening media outlets with legal action, effectively shutting down independent press in the country and leading to an overall decline in citizen access to information, Freedom House said today.
On its face, the June 1 summit in St. Petersburg between Presidents George W. Bush and Vladimir Putin was a success.
Freedom House today expressed deep concern over an increase in attacks against human rights defenders and independent media in Kyrgyzstan.
Delegation led by Martin Lee to meet with U.S. officials on controversial law, Press briefing June 2, 2003
President Bush Urged to Place Russia's Democratic Performance on Summit Agenda
New Study Shows Major Setbacks in Russia, Ukraine, and Venezuela
Freedom House today called on the government of Kazakhstan to immediately stop harassing independent media, and to foster an environment that respects the rights of all citizens to freedom of expression.
Freedom House strongly condemns the recent heavy sentencing of 75 Cuban human rights activists and independent journalists.


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