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Kyrgyzstan should undertake a thorough independent investigation into the mysterious death of Ernest Nazalov, a journalist who investigated corruption among Kyrgyz officials.
Since Al Qaeda's attacks on the United States, much has been learned of Saudi Arabia's rigid and narrow version of Islam, an extreme form of Wahabbism that bred most of the 9/11
Murder of Sergio Vieira de Mello and colleagues mourned
Freedom House, together with a broad coalition of non-governmental organizations, former government officials, and eminent persons, has appealed for the establishment of a United Nations Democracy Group during the meeting of the UN General Assembly this autumn.
Nations in Transit, Freedom House's annual survey of political and economic transition in the 27 former communist states of Eastern and Central Europe and the former Soviet Union, is now available on the Freedom House website.
President Bush's trip to Africa marks just the fourth trip to the continent by a sitting U.S. president over the last 30 years.
Freedom House's annual global survey of political rights and civil liberties, Freedom in the World 2003, is now available on the Freedom House website.
The deferment of a vote on proposed internal security legislation in Hong Kong marks a major victory for democratic forces within the semi-autonomous territory, Freedom House said today.
In his upcoming trip through Africa, President Bush should commit additional resources to democratic development and call upon African nations to improve respect for political rights and civil liberties on the continent, Freedom House said today.
The upcoming Thessaloniki summit offers an opportunity for the EU to demonstrate strategic vision for the Balkans, but is Brussels up to the challenge?


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