Targeting innocent civilians is becoming a common feature of 21st-century warfare, to judge by the Sept. 11 attacks and the suicide bombings in Israel.
Sunday will be Easter, the holiest day in the Christian calendar.
Major new Freedom House report finds Africa's largest nationa faces rapid spread of extreme Islamic Law.
Ukrainians are going to the polls Sunday in the most boisterous and significant elections since they opted for independence in 1991.
Together with a broad coalition of individuals affiliated with non-governmental organizations and think tanks, Freedom House today appealed to US Secretary of State Colin Powell and key Members of Congress to consider increasing financial resources for democracy building worldwide.
Uzbekistan, which sits on Afghanistan's border and faces its own terrorist movement, has played host to US troops.
Secretary Donald H.
Christians, Falun Gong Targeted, New Freedom House Report Analyzes Seven Chinese Government Documents that Reveal Official Repression
Leonard R. Sussman, Freedom House's senior scholar in residence and coordinator of the organization's annual Press Freedom Survey, today issued a statement calling for the unconditional release of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl.
Freedom House analysis shows rest of world has moved toward greater freedom


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