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New Study Shows Major Setbacks in Russia, Ukraine, and Venezuela
Freedom House today called on the government of Kazakhstan to immediately stop harassing independent media, and to foster an environment that respects the rights of all citizens to freedom of expression.
Freedom House strongly condemns the recent heavy sentencing of 75 Cuban human rights activists and independent journalists.
Some of the world's greatest human rights violators sit on UN Human Rights Commission
Freedom House expressed grave concern today over the deteriorating human rights situation in Zimbabwe.
Freedom House mourns the death of its good friend and former trustee, Daniel Patrick Moynihan.
Freedom House today expressed deep concern over a new wave of crackdowns on journalists in Uzbekistan.
In response to the outbreak of hostilities in Iraq, Freedom House today issued the following statement, signed by the trustees listed below.
Freedom House welcomed the acquittal today of Saad Eddin Ibrahim by Egypt's highest court.


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