Freedom of Expression Campaign

Freedom House functions as a catalyst for freedom and democracy through a proven strategy that combines analysis, advocacy and action. We bring more than 60 years of experience in supporting freedom’s frontline defenders in countries around the world, including our membership in and support of the International Freedom of Expression eXchange (IFEX), a network of more than 80 organizations worldwide that monitors, promotes and defends freedom of expression. Our approach to protecting and promoting freedom of expression includes conducting new analysis on the relationship between freedom of expression and broader human rights; and by increasing training and partnerships with other freedom of expression organizations to conduct educational and outreach efforts in specific countries and at the international level.



Special reports:

Policing Belief: The Impact of Blasphemy Laws on Human Rights

Insult Laws: Insulting to Press Freedom

License to Censor: The Use of Media Regulation to Restrict Press Freedom

Report on the State of Freedom of Expression in the Andean Region (Spanish)



The Global Freedom of Expression Campaign includes the following activities:

  • Advocacy: Freedom House and its partners around the globe focus on promoting and protecting freedom of expression in the domestic, regional and international arenas. This includes ensuring international bodies uphold freedom and partnering with IFEX members to send delegations to sessions of the UN Human Rights Council and Council of Europe to address threats to freedom of expression directly with country delegations and special rapporteurs of those systems. 
  • Task Forces: Freedom House works with IFEX members to organize task forces to visit countries that have recently implemented or are drafting legislation to limit free expression through defamation, libel, insult or security laws. These freedom of expression missions examine the new or draft legislation, make recommendation and convene meetings with government, civil society, and press to advocate for changes. Freedom House had conducted missions to Ukraine, Uganda and Azerbaijan and is planning missions to Tunisia and South Africa.
  • Outreach and Analysis: Counter restrictions on freedom of expression by expanding outreach on existing analytical work, including its Freedom of the Press and Freedom on the Net surveys, and producing timely and insightful analysis on critical issues affecting freedom of expression, such as blasphemy laws and media regulation.
  • Strengthening regional networks: Freedom House provides grants to support freedom of expression campaigns by regional partners