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Countries at the Crossroads is the product of the collective contributions of numerous Freedom House staff members and consultants. This study was also made possible by the generous support of the United States Agency for International Development.

Country report authors made an outstanding contribution to this effort, working to produce 32 clear, informed analyses of a highly diverse group of countries. The report authors are: Osita Afoaku, Michael Buehler, William Case, D. Elwood Dunn, David R. Dye, Daniel P. Erikson, Martha Farmelo, David Fleischer, Martin Gainsborough, Francisco González, E. Gyimah-Boadi, Bruce Heilman, David Holiday, Anita Isaacs, Gregory D. Johnsen, Nelson Kasfir, Thomas R. Lansner, Fred H. Lawson, A. Carl LeVan, Robert B. Lloyd, Russell E. Lucas, Duncan McCargo, Robert Oberst, Manuel Orozco, Lok Raj Baral, William Reno, Mark Y. Rosenberg, Rebecca Rouse, Oussama Safa, Dennis Shoesmith, Patrick Ukata, and Peter VonDoepp.

A group of distinguished regional experts served on the advisory committee, providing valuable input on the narratives and scores. They are: Joel Barkan, Chris Fomunyoh, Anthony Gambino, Jeffrey Herbst, Toby Jones, Josh Kurlantzick, Marc Lynch, Robert Maguire, Maria Victoria Murillo, Eric Olson, Amit Pandya, Anthony Pereira, Michael Shifter, Rotimi Suberu, Bridget Welsh, and Mona Yacoubian.

The Countries at the Crossroads methodology was originally developed with the expert contribution of a group of senior advisers, including Larry Diamond, Hoover Institution; Paul Martin, Columbia University; Rick Messick, World Bank; Ted Piccone, Brookings Institution; Louise Shelley, George Mason University; Jay Verkuilen, City University of New York; and Ruth Wedgwood, Johns Hopkins University.

Freedom House staff devoted extensive time and energy to launch this edition. Jake Dizard was the managing editor of the study. Christopher Walker, director of studies, and Thomas O. Melia, deputy executive director of Freedom House, provided overall guidance and support for the project, in addition to serving on the survey’s internal review committee. Asia research analyst and assistant editor Sarah Cook supplied important research, editorial, and administrative support, as did staff members Tyler Roylance, Joanna Perry, Eliza Young, and Kelly Tek and interns Raymond Lu, Greta Sommers, Susanna McCarthy, Jennifer Lam, Jennifer Brandt, and Joshua Siegel. Editorial assistants Caitlin Fogarty and Sara Rhodin provided indispensable research and editorial assistance. Colleagues in the Washington, D.C. and other Freedom House offices supplied important feedback on the reports. Ida Walker and Lynne Glasner were the proofreaders, and Beverly Butterfield designed and typeset the volume.