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Freedom in the World 2009 could not have been completed without the contributions of numerous Freedom House staff and consultants. The section titled “The Survey Team” contains a detailed list of the writers and advisers without whose efforts this project would not have been possible.

Several other Freedom House staff members provided valuable input on the country reports, including Laura Abel, Andrew Apostolou, Ella Asoyan, Matt Briggs, Daniel Calingaert, Viviana Giacaman, Jeff Goldstein, Stuart Kahn, Susan Kemp, Lama Khries, Deborah Maresko, Bakhtiyor Nishanov, Nancy Sharp, Megan Shaw, Rebecca Vo, and Ola Zoubi.

Critical administrative, research, and editorial support was provided by Joanna Perry and Eliza Young of the New York office and interns Travis Jules, Raymond Lu, Josh Siegel, Denelle Burns, and Charlie Liebling. Jennifer Windsor, executive director of Freedom House, and Thomas Melia, deputy executive director of Freedom House, provided overall guidance for the project.

Freedom House would like to acknowledge the generous financial support provided to Freedom in the World by The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation, Smith Richardson Foundation, Lilly Endowment, F.M. Kirby Foundation, 21st Century ILGWU Heritage Fund, and Freedom House Board of Trustees.

Freedom House would also like to thank the following individuals who support Freedom House’s work with gifts of $1,000 and above: Garth Adams, Wayne Collins and Mary Ann Bradshaw, The Hon. Mitchell Daniels Jr., William S. Edgerly, Jeffrey C. Gore, Philip D. Harvey, Roger Hertog, Paul J. Isaac, Gregory and Jennifer Lyss, Angelo J. Mangia, Robert Meyers, David Nastro, Ariel and Tal Recanati, Daniel Rose, The Hon. Donald H. Rumsfeld, Muneer A. Satter, Joseph V. Shields Jr., and John C. Whitehead.