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Acknowledgements and Survey Team

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Freedom House would like to thank the 21st Century ILGWU Heritage Fund for support of this project. 

Freedom House wishes to acknowledge the  role of two organizations, the International Center for Not-for-Profit Law and the National Endowment for Democracy, for their critical intellectual work on the gathering threat to freedom of association and civil society. We would encourage those interested in the offensive against associational rights to consult the country assessments on the ICNL website at and to read the seminal analysis written by Carl Gershman, NED president, and Michael Allen, editor of the NED’s online publication, Democracy Digest. The article, “The Assault on Democracy Assistance,” appeared in the April 2006 issue of the Journal of Democracy.

Editor and Overview Essay Author: 
Arch Puddington

Introduction Author:
Douglas Rutzen

Sarah Cook (China)
Jake Dizard (Colombia, Venezuela)
Sanja Kelly, Chris Janiec (Algeria)
Astrid Larson (Malaysia, Pakistan)
Mariam Memarsadeghi (Iran)
Katrina Neubauer (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan)
Robert Orrtung (Russia)
Mark Rosenberg (Zimbabwe)
Hani Sabra (Egypt)

Copy Editing:
Julia Breslin
Tyler Roylance

Managing Editor:
Elizabeth Floyd

Data Compilation and Charts:
Katrina Neubauer

Web Design:
Eliza Bonner