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Karin Deutsch Karlekar, a senior researcher at Freedom House, served as managing editor of the Annual Survey of Press Freedom 2002. She holds a Ph.D. in history from Cambridge University.

Rosanna Roizin served as a research intern for this study and participated in all stages of the report's preparation. Additional research, editing, and proofreading was conducted by Peter Doran, a research assistant at Freedom House.

The ratings for this report were determined by the Freedom House research team and were reviewed by a group of regional and country experts, including Martin Edwin Andersen (Latin America), Arch Puddington (North America), Edward McMahon and Cindy Shiner (Africa), Kristen Guida and Michael Goldfarb (Middle East), Karin Deutsch Karlekar and Charles Graybow (Asia), and Adrian Karatnycky, Amanda Schnetzer, Aili Piano, and Kendra Zaharescu (Eastern Europe and the NIS). This report also reflects the findings of the Freedom House study Freedom in the World 2001-2002: The Annual Survey of Political Rights and Civil Liberties.