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Libel, defamation, and "incitement to hatred" are criminal offenses, but are not generally enforced. All broadcast media are private except Albania Radio and Television, which is considered excessively pro-government. There are more than 75 private television and 30 private radio stations, and Albanians have access to foreign broadcasting via satellite. The news media are regarded as excessively sensationalist and irresponsible. That led to a draft press law being promulgated this year. It would require all journalists to be licensed after fulfilling certain requirements set by the government. A code of journalistic ethics would also be established by the government. "False news," ambiguously defined, would be forbidden. The public's "right of reply" would be assured. The definition of a journalist would be decided by the government, while registration of news media would be decided by the courts. Under the rubric of raising journalistic standards, the bill would strengthen the government's control over all news media in Albania.