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The constitution guarantees freedom of the press. Media operate without restrictions and are often critical of the government. Relations between journalists and the ruling Dominica Freedom Party (DFP) deteriorated during the early part of the year when the government canceled two news conferences without apology and Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit shunned a Media Workers Association of Dominica (MWAD) invitation to a debate with other party leaders. In April, the MWAD demanded an apology from the government after the foreign minister, Osborne Riviere, refused to answer a question and labeled journalists "damn stupid." Following the DFP's reelection in May, Prime Minister Skerrit said he had no intention of stifling press freedom but stated his objective to introduce legislation to prevent radio talk shows from damaging the country's image. There is no daily newspaper, but there are several weekly publications. Dominica has four radio stations, including the state-owned Dominica Broadcasting Corporation and two television stations. The internet is neither restricted nor censored by the government for the 25 percent of the population that can afford regular access.