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During 2005, a certain cooling of relations between the media and the government, noted in 2004, continued. Press freedom advocates in St. Lucia voiced concern about Article 361 of the newly amended criminal code. The article makes the publishing of news that endangers the "public good" an offense punishable by a prison sentence. In April, Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony accused media personalities of engaging in a disinformation campaign designed to undermine his ruling St. Lucia Labour Party. In November, Anthony Astaphan, a Dominican lawyer who represents Dr. Anthony and in recent years has been highly critical of the media in the subregion, attacked the media, denouncing them as hypocrites. St. Lucia has three television and seven radio stations, all of them private apart from the state-owned Radio St. Lucia. There are three weekly newspapers and two that are published three times a week. There are no government restrictions on the internet, which was accessible to over 30 percent of the population in 2005.