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Freedom of expression is protected under Article 12 of the Andorran constitution, which also allows for laws that regulate the right of reply, correction, and professional confidentiality. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which is binding in Andorra, also ensures media freedom. No major incidents relating to press freedom were reported in 2006. Owing to Andorra’s size and its proximity to France and Spain, its media landscape is partially shaped by foreign outlets; the majority of television transmissions are provided through technical accords with the Spanish and French government networks. Domestically, there are two daily papers, Diari d’Andorra and El Periodic, as well as two major weekly newspapers, Informacions and 7 Dies. There are approximately 15 radio and 6 television stations. The government also releases a daily news bulletin. Internet access is open and unrestricted, with approximately 30 percent of the population accessing this medium in 2006.