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The 1974 San Marino Constitutional Order guarantees freedom of expression, and Article 183 of the criminal code protects against libel and slander. However, there are restrictions when freedom of expression comes into conflict with the right to confidentiality and to secrecy. No direct violations of freedom of the press by either state or nonstate actors were reported in 2006. By law, radio and television broadcasting is monopolized by the San Marino Broadcasting Company, whose responsibility it is to grant concessions to private broadcasters. State-owned San Marino RTV runs both a radio and a television station. Three daily private papers are published in the republic, one of which is electronic, and a local weekly paper reports on economics, finance, and politics. There is a plethora of Italian news in San Marino including two private newspapers as well as radio and television stations. The internet is available, unrestricted, and used by about 45 percent of the population.