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Freedom of speech and of the press are safeguarded in Article 2 of the Marshallese constitution, and the government generally respects these rights. There is no freedom of information legislation, and no plans to draft such legislation are under way. Self-censorship is practiced on occasion over politically sensitive issues. In 2007, a number of leading journalists from the Marshall Islands joined the newly formed Micronesian Media Association to protect free and independent journalism and public access to information. The Marshallese people receive most of their news from the independent weekly Marshall Islands Journal, which launched an online edition in 2007, and the state-run V7AB radio. The government also releases a monthly newspaper, the Marshall Islands Gazette, and broadcasts MBC TV. American broadcasts are available via satellite. Blackouts occasionally interfere with radio and television broadcasts. The internet is unrestricted but is accessed by just 4 percent of the population. The government launched a new website in October 2006 to facilitate online communication with its citizens.