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Freedom in the World 2016
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Andorra la Vella
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Political Rights: 39 / 40 [Key]

Civil Liberties: 57 / 60

Andorra held parliamentary elections in March 2015, after head of government Antoni Martí dissolved the 28-seat unicameral parliament, the General Council, in January. The Democrats for Andorra party won 15 seats, followed by the Liberal Party of Andorra with 8, an independent coalition with 3, and the Social Democracy and Progress party with 2. Martí remained the head of government. Women claimed 10 seats in the elections.

More than 50 percent of the population consists of noncitizens who do not have the right to vote. In 2015, out of Andorra’s over 70,000 residents, only 24,509 were registered voters. Also in 2015, Andorrans living abroad were allowed to cast a postal vote for the first time.

In March, the U.S. Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network accused Andorra’s fourth-largest bank, Banca Privada d’Andorra (BPA), of money laundering. Three senior bank officials allegedly accepted bribes to aid criminals in Russia, China, and Venezuela. Soon after, Andorran police arrested the bank’s chief executive, Joan Pau Miquel Prats, and the Andorran government took control of the bank. In response to the scandal, the government passed a law in April allowing it to either restructure or liquidate the bank. Standard & Poor’s dropped Andorra’s credit rating as a result of the scandal to just two notches above junk status, threatening the country’s financial security.

In February 2015, Andorra ratified the Additional Protocol to the Criminal Law Convention on Corruption.

In January 2015, parliament passed a law to help combat domestic violence.


This country report has been abridged for Freedom in the World 2016. For background information on political rights and civil liberties in Andorra, see Freedom in the World 2015.


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