Advancing the Freedom Agenda: Time for a Recalibration? | Freedom House

Hamas's recent victory in the Palestinian elections and renewed sectarian violence in Iraq have raised questions about the future of democracy promotion among even its most ardent supporters. Yet, although the means by which democracy is promoted should be constantly revisited, the goal should be preserved.

In Jennifer Windsor's article "Advancing the Freedom Agenda: Time for a Recalibration?", she states that despite the fact that the Bush's "freedom agenda" is under fire, it would be a grave mistake to abandon the promotion of democracy as a fundamental priority in US policy, because over the last thirty years, the promotion of democracy has held bipartisan support and reflects the values that made the United States great.  However, she recommends that the United States needs to differentiate between the means and the ends of democracy promotion and suggests that critics and supporters alike should revisit the means by which the United States promotes democracy. 

Among Windsor's list of suggestions to prevent setbacks are disengaging the military from democratic promotion and coordinating democratic promotion with other countries.  Most importantly, Windsor cautions that the United States must realize it is in the democracy promotion game for the long haul, and to expect a quick fix in difficult regions such as the Middle East is to be disappointed.

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