Combating Impunity: Transitional Justice and Anti-Corruption | Freedom House

In 2013, Freedom House and Transparency International convened transitional justice and anti-corruption experts in Berlin to discuss the role of anti-corruption initiatives in pre- and post-transition countries. They found ways for transitional justice and anti-corruption tools be used complementarily to uncover corruption’s link to human right abuses and support successful democratic transitions. The report Combating Impunity: Transitional Justice and Anti-Corruption captures the conclusions and recommendations of the dialogue.

The link between grand corruption and mass human rights violations is undeniable. Populations throughout the world recovering from conflict or authoritarian rule have prioritized their demands for righting social and economic wrongs, most recently during the Arab Spring of 2011. Since anger about corruption helped fuel the wave of protests that swept the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, there are new expectations for TJ mechanisms to include economic justice within their scope.

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