Strengthening participation of young people in South Africa's electoral and democratic processes


The political parties vary in impressions as to the specificity (or not) of issues that concern the youth. The issues are both substantive (concerning aspects of public policy and government action) and procedural (relevant to participation in elections and politics). Parties strive to expand their use of social media. However, the diverse demographic backgrounds of their supporters dictate that they will use a mix of traditional media (pamphlets, newsletters, speeches, door-to-door grassroots visits), intermediary electronic media (SMS and email), and social or new media (Twitter, Facebook, Mxit, WhatsApp, Google broadcasts, podcasts).

Freedom House extends sincere thanks to Professor Susan Booysen of the University of Witwatersrand for her compiling and writing of this report. Freedom House is also grateful to those representatives of the political parties interviewed for this report and the political parties themselves for making these individuals available, including the African National Congress (ANC), Democratic Alliance (DA), Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP), and National Freedom Party (NFP).