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Today’s American: How Free? examines whether Americans are sacrificing essential values in the war against terror, and scrutinizes other critical issues such as the political process, criminal justice system, racial inequality and immigration. Today’s American: How Free? is the first time that Freedom House, best known for its annual survey of the state of freedom around the world, has produced a book-length report on an individual country.

What People Are Saying

“But how good is America at living up to its own ideals? A new study by Freedom House tries to answer this question. The fact that Freedom House has devoted so much attention to the United States is significant in its own right. Founded in 1941 by a group of Americans who were worried about the advance of fascism, Freedom House is now the world's leading watchdog of liberty. The fact that “Today's American: How Free?” is such a thorough piece of work makes it doubly significant.”
The Economist

“For America to advance democracy abroad, we need to acknowledge our shortcomings, as well as tout our achievements. In Today’s American: How Free? Freedom House provides a forthright and illuminating look at our present condition. This is an authoritative discussion of the state of freedom in the United States.”
Mike McCurry, former State Department and White House spokesman

“This is an honest, balanced analysis of American democracy. Its comprehensive nature, global comparisons, and historical context make Today’s American: How Free? an essential document in the dialogue over the American future.”
Francis Fukuyama, professor, The Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, and author of America at the Crossroads

“Today's America: How Free? is a timely and incisive assessment of the contemporary deficiencies of American democratic practice as well as the enduring strengths of its political system. Freedom House has applied the same keen, independent, analytical eye to the United States as it has done to the entire world over the years. The result is a vital resource for the reform and improvement of democracy in America, and an effective reply to those who allege that American advocates of democracy abroad don't take a critical look at their own system.”
Larry Diamond, Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution, and Co-Editor, Journal of Democracy

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