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Key Figures

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1.2 million Swaziland’s population
19.82 years Median age of Swaziland’s population
40% Swaziland government’s estimate of unemployment
50% Estimated unemployment of Swazis between 16 and 24 years old
75% Portion of Swaziland’s population dependent on subsistence farming
48 years Average life expectancy in Swaziland
80%  Portion of the population who die before attaining 40 years
29% Portion of the population infected with HIV
USD 28 million Swaziland’s annual health care budget (around USD 23 per person)
486%   Year on year increase in 2012 – 13 budgetary allocation for security equipment and supplies purchases
USD 3362 Swaziland’s gross national income per capita
4 to 1 Difference between incomes of urban and rural Swazis
18% Government wage bill as a % of Swaziland’s GDP – highest in Africa
USD 92 million Annual loss to GDP from the effects on the work force of chronic hunger in childhood
60% Portion of Swaziland’s economy controlled by King Mswati
USD 128 million Swaziland government funds lost to corruption in 2012
55 Number of tinkhundla, Swaziland’s electoral constituencies. Each of the tinkhundla includes between 5 and 10 chiefdoms
700,000 Number of Swazis who use mobile phones
90% Portion of the Swazi population who are Christians
60% Drop in SACU transfers to Swaziland from 2008 to 2011
USD 200 million King Mswati’s estimated personal wealth
11 Number of Mswati’s palaces in Swaziland
27 Number of Mswati’s children
14 Number of Mswati’s wives and ex-wives
40 Number of years during which the Swazi kings have prohibited political parties from participating in elections