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Freedom House is disappointed with the decision of Egypt’s Judicial High Committee, which is supervising this Saturday’s referendum on constitutional amendments, to limit the access of domestic and international monitoring groups to the polls.

Attempts today by Belarusian authorities to suppress voices of opposition during and after its election, including beating protestors and blocking access to independent media and social networking sites, have extinguished any hope for a free and fair process in Belarus, according to Freedom House.

Freedom House welcomes the fact that Wednesday's parliamentary elections in Moldova were generally well administered and provided for real competition.

Freedom House calls on the Iranian government to refrain from using further violence and threats to intimidate hundreds of thousands of protesters who are exercising their human rights to freedom of speech and assembly.

The latest edition of Gozaar, Freedom House’s online forum on human rights and democracy in Iran, examines the aftermath of the country’s presidential election with analysis from prominent Iranian journalists and academics.

Freedom House strongly urges Gabon’s interim leadership to organize democratic elections to replace President Omar Bongo, who died Monday after leading the west-central African nation for 42 years.

Freedom House is deeply concerned by reports that Russian authorities are harassing and marginalizing opposition candidates running for the mayor of Sochi, the city chosen to host the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Freedom House is pleased that Kyrgyzstan’s presidential administration and parliament withdrew a flawed draft law on non-governmental organizations, but is concerned that the government may soon introduce an amended version.
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