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This Thursday, former senator Chuck Hagel will appear before the Senate Armed Services Committee to seek confirmation as secretary of defense. While he will not have primary responsibility for U.S. foreign relations in that post, he will have substantial influence over U.S. policy toward regimes that are hostile to both American interests and democracy. Senator Hagel’s record on these issues raises critical questions that should be addressed during the hearing, which are included in the following blog post.

A decade after China banned the Falun Gong, the Chinese government shows no inclination to reverse its abusive policies toward religious minorities. Freedom House calls upon the Obama Administration to elevate the priority of this critical issue in its ongoing engagement with the Chinese regime.

Freedom House welcomes reports that U.S. President Barack Obama will deliver a major foreign policy address in Moscow next week aimed at changing Russian perceptions that a stronger U.S. equates to a weaker Russia.

The Obama administration's first democracy assistance funding request signals a strong start which should be matched with an equally robust diplomatic push to support democracy and human rights activists worldwide, said Freedom House in a special report released today.

Freedom House applauds U.S. President Barack Obama for his remarks today in Cairo, in which he proclaimed that the fundamentals of democracy represent “human rights,” to which all people aspire, and stressed his administration’s commitment to support these universal values around the world.


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