Joint statement

Seeking Technical Support for Global Civic Network Analysis Research

Freedom House seeks a partner to do data collection and analysis in four countries during the course of an anticipated 18-month award on civic networks in backsliding democracies.


Freedom House seeks a partner to do data collection and analysis in four countries during the course of an anticipated 18-month award on civic networks in backsliding democracies. The research skills we require involve a simple social network analysis conducted through interaction with activists and civil society organizations in a variety of different political contexts. Experience designing, collecting, and quantitatively analyzing social network data is required. Other technical skills required of a partner will be project management including logistics, hiring of local data collectors in multiple countries, and digital security protocol management. We anticipate the award will be issued on or around October 2021.

The research partner would be expected to provide a team of consultants capable of collecting and analyzing data in identified countries under the direction of Freedom House and its technical implementation partner, the International Republican Institute (IRI). The research and analysis partner organization will take the lead on researching the civic networks of our local partners in four case study countries (TBD but representing a diversity of world regions). In addition, the research partner will be expected to contribute to our interpretive analysis of the ways that social network characteristics relate to the outcomes of our partners’ activities. By the end of the anticipated grant, Freedom House and IRI, with support from the research and analysis partner organization, will produce: (1) a network analysis methodology that can be applied to and used by diverse practitioners in backsliding and authoritarian contexts; and (2) a social-scientific analysis of the relationship between civic network characteristics and programmatic outcomes.

Freedom House promotes the spread of freedom and democracy around the world through research, advocacy, and programs that support frontline activists. We are a leader in identifying threats to freedom through our highly regarded analytic reports, including Freedom in the World, Freedom on the Net, and Nations in Transit. 

Anticipated Subaward Amount:

The total anticipated amount of the subaward, inclusive of all expected activities and deliverables, is $150,000.

Period of Performance:

The period of performance is expected to be approximately 12 months from the date of signature, with the assignment expected to begin on or around December 2021.

Scope of Work:

The research and analysis organization will collaborate with Freedom House and IRI to expand and formalize a pilot civic network analysis (CNA) methodology. Key responsibilities of the civic network analysis may include:

  1. Data collection instrument design, subject to Freedom House’s review and approval;
  2. Pilot testing of the data collection instrument;
  3. Data collection from individuals in identified countries according to a research design developed in collaboration with Freedom House, IRI, and potentially with local research analysts;
  4. Analysis and write-up of the CNA and outcome data with substantial input from Freedom House and IRI on interpretation;
  5. With Freedom House, developing a CNA toolkit for practitioners

Key Deliverables:

  1. Final draft CNA methodology in coordination with Freedom House and IRI;
  2. Written, detailed protocol for capturing data, including a formal sampling plan;
  3. Draft data collection instrument(s);
  4. Final CNA toolkit;
  5. Raw data sets of the CNA;
  6. Draft written report analyzing the relationship between network characteristics and outcomes;
  7. Final written report and oral presentation to stakeholders

Place of Performance:

While some of the assignment may be conducted remotely, travel may be requested to conduct the civic network analysis, subject to COVID restrictions.

Disclaimer: This description is only a summary of the anticipated scope of the assignment.  It is not an exhaustive or comprehensive list of all possible responsibilities, tasks, or deliverables. The final responsibilities, tasks, and deliverables may differ from those outlined in the scope of work and other duties, as assigned, may be part of the assignment. Freedom House may add, change, or remove essential and other duties at any time.

Qualified and Interested Applicant Organizations:

We invite representatives of interested and qualified organizations, including, but not limited to, universities, research institutions, non-profit organizations, or consultancy firms to submit a statement of interest to [email protected] by no later than Wednesday, April 14th, 2021. Statements of interest should address how organizational capabilities and previous experience relate to the scope of work outlined above.

Only organizations under consideration for this anticipated subaward will be contacted. Statements of interest will be reviewed on a rolling basis until the deadline.